Children's Home


The homes in Entoyeni have 40 children who live there permanently. For these children, the home is so much more than a place to sleep – it is security, safety and love. The buildings are all there but they are in constant need of maintenance and do require some upgrades.

Feeding Scheme


We run a feeding scheme in Enseleni area. 30 children attend from Monday to Friday. 

They receive a meal, help with homework and a Bible story. For some, it may be the only meal they eat that day. 

We help with school stationary and food and clothing parcels where we can.


All our children in the homes are woefully behind at school. We not only help with their homework from school but we also provide extra maths and English lessons. Each child is taken back to basics and we teach through the South African school syllabus. There is also a creche on site for the small children and we do have children from the community attending as well. 

This follows a curriculum and is taught in English. We have partnered with Open Schools Worldwide and we use their teaching material for some of our children and also in a local school. There are 70 children in a class so it is impossible to make sure everyone understands the work. We have been asked to help the teachers, particularly with English.

Home Visits

We currently have 40 homesteads who we visit regularly. The purpose of these visits is relational. In Africa, relationship is the basis of everything.

Through building relationships with the people we visit, we are able to gain trust and therefore share the gospel. 

We also help practically when we can. 

This takes the form of food parcels, clothes, school stationary and social work help when it is needed. 

Old Age Pensioners

Much of the community is made up of elderly people looking after children. The middle aged have either moved away or passed away. 

The elderly take on multiple roles and take care of others at a time on life when they should be taken care of. 

We try to have an outreach once a month. 

This takes the form of a meal, entertainment, an educational talk about either medicine, social work or finance and a gospel talk. 

Skills Training

We started the sewing project at Eniwe with just 3 guardians. These ladies were taught the basics like how to sew a straight line, to rethread a sewing machine and how to use an overlocker. They progressed to making bedsheets and duvet covers for the homes. They then got orders for school uniforms from the local community. They also sew place mats, aprons and bags which are sold locally and oversees.

The ladies are paid for their work and as they work part-time they are able to still look after their families. They have a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they use their new skills to help provide an income for their families. The ladies are allowed to use scrap material to make their own creations and sell these for themselves. One lady is now working full time with a dressmaker after impressing with her work.

This is an excellent example of community upliftment.