Current and past projects at MusaweNkosi Ministries. MusaweNkosi seeks to not only help orphans and vulnerable children but to get involved in community upliftment as well.

Children's Home

The children's home is situated in the rural area of Entoweni, 26km outside of Empangeni. The decision was taken to build the house out in the rural area so that the children could stay in their local schools, remain in their community, culture and they would be near their extended family.

In 2004 the 1st of our 4 houses was started and the 1st children moved in. Since 2010 the site has been registered as a children's home and up to 30 children can officially be placed in the home. The children are looked after by a team of house parents who cook, bring them to school, play with them and are there if the children have problems.


On the property of the site you will find four houses, in which the children and the house parents live, a kitchen house, where they cook and eat, and a large area for the children to play.


We hope to provide a loving, nurturing and Christian environment where we help the children develop to their full potential.  

Many children have lost their parents due to AIDS. After their parents death, they are either left alone or in the care of relatives (aunts and uncles or grand parents) who often have other related orphans to look after.

Feeding Scheme

 The feeding scheme is based at eNseleni Baptist Church. eNseleni is a township near Empangeni. Community workers from the church discovered that many orphans in the informal areas were not receiving food every day and many went to bed hungry.

In 2009 we started a feeding scheme where the children could come after school on their way home. They were fed twice a week and given food to take home for their younger siblings who were unable to come to the church.

The program starts at 2pm as the children come home from school. They are treated to games, bible stories, helped with homework and are fed. Looking into the future, we would like build our own building to run this program from so that it can also be used as a crèche in the mornings. 

Sewing Project

We started the sewing project at Eniwe with just 3 guardians. These ladies were taught the basics like how to sew a straight line, to rethread a sewing machine and how to use an overlocker. They progressed to making bedsheets and duvet covers for the homes. They then got orders for school uniforms from the local community. They also sew place mats, aprons and bags which are sold locally and oversees.

The ladies are paid for their work and as they work part-time they are able to still look after their families. They have a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they use their new skills to help provide an income for their families. The ladies are allowed to use scrap material to make their own creations and sell these for themselves. One lady is now working full time with a dressmaker after impressing with her work.

This is an excellent example of community upliftment.

School Support 

School is open to all children - the government says so. But, they need to provide their own books and stationery. Some children are denied education because they can not afford these basic necessities. Just some of the many children who need help to get to school.

MusaweNkosi seeks to provide these materials to orphans who can not afford them. In addition some children are not able to attend school because they have to earn money to support their parents who are dying with AIDs, as well as their brothers and sisters. MusaweNkosi aims to remove this burden from these children by providing them with the food they need.

But the children are individuals! You can contribute to this project.

Water Project

The water project provides bore holes so water can be obtained locally.  Running water is taken for granted by many around the world.  In this part of South Africa, however, water must be collected daily.  Sometimes water is fetched from far away.  

Why? There is no suitable source more locally. MusaweNkosi has financed the drilling of bore holes to provide water without having to travel for miles. The picture here is of one such source. There is more which needs to be done though.

Farming Project

The local agricultural college helps with growing food. People do have plots of land on which to grow food, but the local practices are not always the most productive.  

MusaweNkosi has secured help from a local agricultural collage to help and advise the communities to get the best from the resources that they have available.  Improvement can be made in crops planted and techniques used to tend the plants. The food grown is primarily to supplement the diet.

Community Outreach

Being present in the community through our feeding scheme and children's home makes us realise the great need of the community around out. We work in an area striken by poverty.

Weekly we do homevisits into some of the homes of the community - we want to build relationship with them and support them in different ways. Whether it is paperwork for grant applications, food parcels or just listening to their stories - we do not want to forget our main aim which is bringing the gospel to them, since this is the most important thing for us.