We are told that February is known as the month of love. When we think about this we often think about romantic love. At MusaweNkosi we decided that we should show love to some of the old people in our community. Unfortunately, we could not invite all the old people so we selected 10 grandfathers and 10 grandmothers. There was much excitement in the cars as they were all picked up. Once at the site they were all treated to tea and cakes.

We had Esther a nurse from Wales give them a health talk. She spoke about Diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease. All the old people agreed they suffered from these illnesses and needed guidance on them.

Afterwards Londiwe our social worker talked about the social issues they may be facing. We said that if they need advice or help in any way to contact us, or tell us on one of our monthly visits. Often they have no one to turn to just to share their problems. Others need help obtaining documents that they need to obtain grants they are entitled to. Sometimes another family member receives the grant but it is them the grandparents who are actually looking after the children and the money is not given to them. All these issues keeps our social worker very busy. She does this work in addition to her work with our children. It was a very happy group who left, they enjoyed the tea and cakes and found the information helpful, but most said they were so overwhelmed by the respect and love they were shown.