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Sewing Projects

We started a sewing project in Eniwe with 3 guardians. These ladies were first taught the basics of sowing like how to straight line, to rethread a sewing machine and how to use an over locker. After this they progressed to making bedsheets and duvet covers for the homes. Thy then got orders for school uniforms from the local community as well. They also sew place mats, aprons and bags which are sold locally and oversees.

The ladies are paid for their work and as they only work part time they are able to fit it in with looking after their families. It also gives them time when they can come and talk with each other so they can learn from and encourage each other through the normal trials of life. They now have a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they use their new skills to help provide an income for their families. The ladies are also allowed to use any scrap material that is left over to make their own creations and sell them for themselves. One lady is now working a full time job with a dressmaker after being impressed by her work. This is an excellent example how more money is now being brought back into the community as well as a new opportunity for someone else to become skilled. 

In October 2010 we started a new sewing group at eNseleni and again 3 ladies were  taught the basics to start with and like the 1st group have grown from strength to strength. With this project being a successful way of providing skills in the community as well as provide much needed income for families, in 2011 we started a new group in Entoweni. 

Currently the sewing group in Entoweni is the only one that is still running.